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Welcome to Sri Harsha DED College

Sri Harsha DED College was established with the aim of providing Quality higher education with standards. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis. The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from all corners of the state. Experienced and learned teachers are strongly encouraged to nurture the students. The standards set at Sri Harsha in the field of teaching and research spurs us in our relentless pursuit of excellence. In fact, it has become a way of life for us. The highly motivated youngsters on the campus are a constant source of pride. At the feet of the Almighty, The Lord of seven Hills, Kaliyuga Daivam Sri Venkateswara Swamy, any noble cause will sever the society most successfully by noble souls like the following personalities. The emblem of the Society is the symbol of the Lord.


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